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Eric Saldanha

A thinker.
A problem-solver.
A designer from India based in London. A graduate of the Royal College of Art, with a background in Mechanical Engineering and over 3 years of experience as a Design Consultant. I enjoy ambiguity and working with people to create rigorous and viable outcomes that ultimately lead to a more equitable world.

Eric Saldanha
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"People ignore designs that ignore people"


Some of my work.


A different look at the recycling of plastics and the communities that support it

Research & Design
One Another

An initiative that aims to build kinder communities one simple act at a time

Field Research & Design

Reimagining the white cane

Field Research & Design

Normalising re-wear

Field Research & Design


The Buzz


Be cool: how two innovative new projects from Doctors without Borders are aiming to make a difference

Médecins sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is always looking for ways we can improve the work we do, treating people in need in crisis zones around the world.

As part of this we set up “the Sapling Nursery”, a fund which supports our field teams to develop and tests new ideas. I wanted to let you know about two more innovative projects that have just been funded.

Buzz 1

Developing world menstrual cup and recycled bricks among UK student design awards

Menstrual cup for the developing world and interlocking recycled bricks among winners of Royal College of Art design competition 'The Grand Challenge'. Ella Wilks-Harper reports.


Do you see what I mean?

It is important to shed light on the way we speak
To really focus on the words we use
How language subtly evolved to mirror
A singular perspective of the world, reproduced