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Do you see what I mean?

January 2020 | 2MD Publication

It is important to shed light on the way we speak
To really focus on the words we use
How language subtly evolved to mirror
A singular perspective of the world, reproduced

At a glance, we may not notice
We may not know what we are looking for
But if we keep an eye out for our biases
We may be enlightened more and more

The evidence may be abundant
It may be staring us in the face
But we can still be blinded to the obvious
If we overlook the finer details

It can be illustrated through examples put before us
We can speculate, debate and contest
Our point of view though, however relevant
Cannot overshadow its influence

Visionaries amongst us may be aware of its ubiquity
Insightfully deducing the patterns in our speech
Similarly, we must introspect, and challenge our ignorance
And imagine a world more inclusive, one that’s for all within reach

Its scope is vast and inexhaustible
This synopsis is in no way complete
But if my intention is still unclear
Let me attempt to give another peek

The dominance of visual metaphor
Permeates imperceptibly through our outlook and speech
Reflecting on every single line of this verse
Do you see what I mean?

Taufiq, an optimist, a wife, a mother of three and an advisor in RNIB, London, was born with total visual impairment

Ocularcentrism, the privileging of vision over the other senses, manifests in the barriers that are created for people living with impairment.